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Green Farms Azerbaijan has created a number of tools in Excel to help farmers and agribusinesses in Azerbaijan calculate profit, construct budgets and cashflows, improve their decision-making and minimize risk. Below is a Free Downloadable version of the “GFA Wheat Gross Margin Calculator Tool”. We have uploaded an instruction video below to explain how to use it.

Download Free Version

Click on the link below to get a Free version of the “GFA Wheat Gross Margin Calculator Tool”. As described in the video, this tool is designed to assist you in estimating your costs and calculating your profit on a per hectare basis for Wheat and ultimately help you plan for a successful crop season.

Download Free [Wheat Gross Margin Tool.xlsx]

More Tools

Below is a list of additional tools that can help you plan ahead better, run your farm more efficiently, and achieve higher profits. Please contact us to purchase any of these additional tools.

Gross Margin Calculators - it is an economic tool to aid you in estimating profit, variable and fixed costs on a per hectare basis, as well as to provide key indicators for decision-making.
Finance Calculators - it is a tool to assist in calculation of loan repayments at different time intervals, constructing budgets and cash flows.
Crop Care Calculators - it is a tool that helps directly in solving daily crop care needs such as calculating fertilizer rates.

  • Gross Margin Calculators
    1. Cash crops - corn, wheat, barley, cotton, sugar beet, alfalfa, soybeans
    2. Fruits - grapes, melon
    3. Vegetables - potatoes, green beans, onions, peas, tomatoes
  • Finance calculators
    1. Debt Repayment (Calculate repayments on a bank loan and consider sensitivity to interest rates)
    2. Agroleasing loan calculator (calculate repayment amount and timing to Agroleasing and understand when the equipment will transfer to your ownership)
    3. Farm equipment depreciation calculator
  • Crop Care Calculators
    1. Fertilizer - input fertilizer rate and it will tell you how much of what fertilizer you will need

Contact us

If you require any additional assistance please do not hesitate to contact us. Please also note that if you didn’t find a tool that addresses your problem or situation please contact us and we can customize a tool for you.


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